December 12, 2009

Get everything you want at Mid Valley City

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This 4.5 million square feet complex is an all in one centre for shopping, entertainment and corporate office. Located at the fringe of Kuala Lumpur city, Mid Valley Megamall boasts 430 retail outlets on five and a half floors, an office tower block and two modest hotels within its compound. It’s almost a mini city on its own.

The main attraction at Mid Valley City is the Megamall which has more levels of parking lots than it does retail floors. Even so, attempting to park a car here is as good solving your algebra problems mentally. One would be better off taking a taxi to avoid wasting previous shopping minutes on shopping for a parking space.

Mid Valley City

Mid Valley City

Many people flock here to indulge in retail therapy due to its wide variety of outlets ranging from international brands to independent local stores. Brands such as Zara, MNG, British India , Esprit, Giordano and Levi’s can be found on the ground level. The 2nd level is mainly reserved for home décor and fitness which makes it lesser- frequented, where else the 3rd and 4th and a half floor is a blend of entertainment and food. It is here on the 4th floor that visitors can experience Malaysia ‘s very first ‘glow in the dark bowling’ centre. This bizarre activity has the sort of novelty that will last for about 2 hours until which your better judgement will kick in. In addition, its four anchor tenants include Jaya Jusco, Metrojaya, Carrefour and Golden Screen Cinemas which houses a massive 18 screens.

The basement floor sees more traffic because it’s where the food is. Almost every fast food outlet is present and there are many other local delights to choose from. The little café within the Jaya Jusco department store is well known for its assam laksa and nasi lemak . The queue on weekends can be quite alarming but as with most long queues, the patience really pays off. Other notable restaurants such as San Fransisco Steak House, American Chili’s and Kimgary’s are located at the exterior sidewalk on the ground level.

Mid Valley City

Mid Valley City

Because of its popularity and its location, Mid Valley suffers from one of the worst traffic jams in the Klang Valley . To add insult to injury, public transportation to that area is scarce and shoppers would either have to drive themselves or take a taxi. A good idea would be to visit Mid Valley City on weekdays during the off peak hour unless you’d prefer to experience Kuala Lumpur ‘s very own version of a Bangkok Jam.


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